İlknur Şbenbem Öztemel – TDO - President of Iran, Hasan Rouhani, congratulated Bashar Assad regarding his so-called victory in Aleppo. According to the announcement viable on the website of Iranian presidency, Assad and Rouhani had a phone call.  As it has been revealed, Rouhani said ‘’ This victory brings good luck to Syria. The revert of Syria’s second biggest city Aleppo to type, is a great victory of Syrians, against terrorists and their supporters’’. Also, he said ’’ I hope victory of Aleppo will be the starting point of the total victory in Syria’’.   He said it was their duty to support Syria and Iran would be there until each terrorist would be deployed. He added that Iran is ready to send humanitarian aid to Aleppo and called other states up too. In return, Assad thanked to Rouhani and said that they would never forget what Iran did for Syria.

Syrian Civil War is a six year old process of aggression. Russia directly intervened to Syrian War in May 2015. Thanks to support of Russia and Iran, regime forces survived. On Monday, Syrian government and rebel groups agreed on a ceasefire which allows the evacuation of thousands of residents from the last pockets of rebel-held eastern Aleppo to Idlib or to Turkey. The deal was brokered by Turkey and Russia. Regarding the event, Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, announced that Turkish government was planning to set up a new tent city to host 80,000 people but he did not specify whether the facility would be in Turkey or Syria. 

However, it has been announced that the deal was delayed yesterday. As rebel groups claimed, government-aligned Shia militia were offending evacuees and stipulated sieges of Kafraya and Al-Fua where are Shia majority towns, to be lifted. In addition to these, it has been claimed that regime forces and its allies demanded the freedom of prisoners of war.

This morning it has been announced that Shia militants attacked busses which carry wounded civilians to Idlib. Negotiations paralyzed and more than 30 busses filled with evacuees were stuck in Aleppo.

Recently (After 3:00 PM), Russian Defence Ministry announced that ambulances and buses will be accompanied by Russian servicemen and Red Cross stuff. It has been declared that first convoy has already left eastern Aleppo. Also, the operation to evacuate 200 wounded is underway. In the first agreement it had been agreed that UN would be observer in the process and Russia would only sight the region via drones.

It has been claimed that pro-Iranian forces violated the ceasefire as they did not want to be excluded from peace process. It is significant to remind that Turkey and Russia were brokers of the first ceasefire, declared in Sunday night.

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