Ilknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO –In Weert city of Netherlands, Major Jos Heijmans declared curfew for 20 North African asylum seekers as they are involved in some ordinary crimes. It has been said that they can only go out for an hour in a day, between 01:00-02:00 p.m., for shopping and health care. Also, they are obliged to see security of the refugee center, three times in a day. Public Security and Order Center criticized this regulation as it is ugly and illegal. Major Heijmans insisted on his decision, saying he had no other choice.

Heijmans said at least five of these 20 people were arrested last week because of burglar and they annoy people as they fight in the street and split on roads. He added he had to do it and he doesn’t care about criticisms. Additionally he argued that these asylum seekers were coming from secure countries and has no reason to become refugeesofficially. He demanded those asylum seekers to be deported.

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