Mustafa AY – TDO - 29.03.2018 Crotia Defense Commitee ratified the purchase deal of 12 used F-16 from Israel. This purchase deal is the biggest military deal of Crotia since its secession from Yugoslavia. 12 used F-16 fighter jets are at the worth of almost 500 million dollars, the officials said.

That Israel has just purchased and incorporated new brand/5th tech F-35s into its inventory and F-16s are going to be superseded by F-35s totally at the forthcoming years led this deal to emerge. Crotia has already been inclined to take the ex-Israeli F-16s on the grounds that its neighbor Serbia received Su-27 Flanker fighter jets that were granted for free alongwith many other military equipment by Russian government. Besides, Crotian Air Forces remained very weak on account of old-tech Soviet Mig-21 in air force’s inventory. Therefore, Crotia felt the necessities of conforming to the highly developing world in term of aviation and of taking the equal measures that were triggered by the receival of Su-27 Flankers by Serbia.

Ex-Israeli F-16s are reported to be fully modernized aircrafts by Israeli Aviation Industry. In this situation, Crotia could have an opportunity to transform its air forces into a highly capable air force of eliminating the foreign threats. Since Israel was very keen on omitting its F-16s from air force’s inventory, the possibility of that F-16s are going through the fatique of metal appears naturally. This would be the ratioanale explaining that Israel wanted to sell the fighter jets.

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