Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.11.2018 On Thursday, British Transport Minister Jo Johnson submitted his resignation to PM Theresa May over May’s rejection of proposal that British society and some of cabinet members made for holding second Brexit referendum. Johnson’s resignation was interpreted as the beginning of end –dissolution of May govt-.

According to news of Britain-based Sunday Times, 4 ministers from the government might resign because of PM May’s persistence in carrying on Brexit negotiations. In case of 4 ministers’ resignation, PM Theresa May might likely have no option, but resign since uncodified British customs urges so.

According to Britain’s uncodified customs, if a government/prime minister failed at his campaign that intrigues British society closely, then, that government most probably opts for resignation likewise in the sample of predecessor of Theresa May –David Cameron-. He couldn’t attain success against Boris Johnson’s Brexit campaign because majority of British society voted in favour of Brexit.

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