İrem UZUN -TDO- Bolivia's political crisis deepened Sunday as President Evo Morales resigned amid allegations of "serious irregularities" during last month's election and pressure from the country's armed forces. Morales faced mounting protests in the aftermath of the October 20 vote as demonstrators and the Bolivian opposition accused electoral authorities of manipulating the vote count in favor of the incumbent. Bolivia has been plunged into chaos and uncertainty as a power vacuum looms amid reports of looting, vandalism and arson carried out by both supporters and opponents of Evo Morales, following his announcement on Sunday.

International allies of Mr. Morales echoed his characterization of what had happened. High-level officials from Russia, Mexico, Cuba and Spain shared their concerns over Bolivian army, saying what happened is a violent coup d’etat against democracy.

The deputy leader of the Senate, Jeanine Áñez, said she would assume power as interim leader until elections were held."I assume this challenge with the only objective to call new elections," she said. "This is simply a transitional phase". However, it is not clear if she will get the necessary backing from legislators. Under Bolivia's constitution, whoever takes over as interim president has 90 days to call fresh elections.

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