Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The Indonesian Minister of development and culture, Muhadjir Effendy, recommended that the rich marry the poor, claiming that this would reduce the poverty rate in the country.

Minister Effendy said that in Indonesia, which has the world's most populous Muslim population, believers 'say to marry people equal to yourself' in Islamic teaching was also misinterpreted.

Addressing the distinction between the poor and the rich in the country at a National Health Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, Effendy, 63, said: "What happens if poor people seek only the poor to get married? Of course, the number of poor families increases. This is a big problem in Indonesia."

Noting that there are more than five million poor families in Indonesia, Effendy said: "there are 57 million families in Indonesia. About 9 percent of those families, that is, about 5 million families, are still poor. There are a total of 15 million more families near the poverty line. The merger of rich and poor families could be the solution to this problem."

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