Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.09.2017 Following Madrid administration’s decree, Spanish police arrested Joseph Jove - Catalan government’s Minister of Economy -. The rationale of the apprehension can be regarded as inhibiting the referendum struggle of Catalans evidently. In the right previous days, Catalan government called community for appearing in the referendum campaigns, even though Spain Constitutional Court forbade the preparation for referendum to be managed by Catalan administration. So, Catalans contravened the Court’s decision. Before and following the govt.’ infringement, Madrid bombarded Catalan administration with threats varying from detaining vital political figures of Catalonia, to cutting off the budget allocated to Catalonia region. At last, Madrid showed how serious they are about the threats by arresting the Catalan minister Jove. Therefore, it can be construed as ‘the beginning of end’.    

Jove, who is in charge of Ministry of Economy in Catalonia, was detained in a raid of Spain Civil Guard Task Force on Wednesday morning. Aftter the raid, Spanish officials found out some documents with regards to the independence referendum. On account of surfacing of some independence-related documents from Catalan minister’s house, Spain’s Civil Guard Task Force organized a raid to Catalan government’s buildings in search of the same type of documents concealed by Catalan statesmen. That Spanish officials organized raid to the public buildings triggered that Catalan cabinet members called for rally against Spanish government. Oriol Juanquares – Vice President of Catalan government – twitted “Spanish Civil Guards assailed on the civilians in public buildings. We won’t let them proceed” so that he may stimulate Catalan society to take action against the central government of Spain. Besides all the statements, Catalan government’s point of view toward those raids and detainments of Catalan officials is ‘the state of siege’. For the reason of agitating raids to Catalan public buildings and all calls for solidarity from Catalan statesmen, opponents of referendum in Catalonia may be unconsciously transformed into the proponent for independence. Thus, we may interpret Spain’s approach against the referendum as Spanish government will most likely pay heavy price for all they did to Catalonia nowadays.     

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