Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The new type coronavirus (Covid-19) does not only cause serious health problems in the elderly. According to the French centre for public health, 35 percent of patients in France who are in intensive care because of coronavirus are under the age of 65.

In Italy, experts say young people are also now in danger. Luca Lorini, director of the anaesthetics and intensive care unit at Papa Giovanni di Bergamo hospital in northern Italy, says patient type has changed, with the number of seriously ill patients aged between 40 and 45 increasing. Experts say they are worried about an increase in the number of young patients.

The most extensive research into age factor in a Coronavirus outbreak, however, was conducted by the China Center for Disease Control (CCDC). The data reveals that children and young people are less prone to showing serious symptoms. In addition, the mortality rate is much lower in young people than in older patients. According to this, the kill rate of Covid-19 for 80 years and older is around 14.

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