İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-in Britain, menthol and flavored cigarettes are to be phased out within weeks ahead of a complete ban in 2020.

Actually, this ban has been implemented in last May under new tobacco laws but tobacco companies were given a year to sell old stuck. Starting from rom 21 May, menthol cigarettes will only be sold in packs of 20 and all flavored cigarettes will be phased out in three years. Ban also includes skinny "lipstick-style" cigarettes and flavors such as vanilla and strawberry in order to prevent youngsters to get the bad habit. Additionally, there will be no chance to buy a pack of cigarettes for less than £8.82 (40.632 TL) anymore.

Amanda Sandford from the health charity called ‘’Action on Smoking Health’’ (ASH) welcomed the ban. She told to Independent news as  “There is evidence that flavorings, and menthol in particular, can mask the harshness of tobacco smoke, making it easier for young people to smoke”.

Turkey has implemented some measures against smoking addiction in 2009. Government imposed a smoking ban in indoor spaces, near schools, hospitals and parks that is open to anyone, established smoking cessation treatment  centers and increased the price of cigarette. Although, it led many debates, it seems each country will impose this kind of regulations. Protecting health of its citizens is also a duty of the state.

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