Serhat TUNAR -TDO- 69 containers that were sent from Canada to the Philippines about 6 years ago as recyclable plastic, but according to Philippine officials, were littered and returned to Canada, causing a diplomatic crisis between the two countries, have been reached to Vancouver.

The vessel carrying the containers reached the port near Vancouver, Canada. Canadian officials made a statement on the issue and said that the waste will be burned to be converted into energy.

The issue that increased the tension between the two countries began in 2013 with a container sent from Canada to the Philippines. Philippine officials did not like the fact that many kinds of garbage emerged from the cargo, which is said to be recyclable plastic waste.

In 2016, an authorized court in the Philippines ordered the return of containers to Canada. Although the Canadian Government agreed to take the ship back, the date set by the Philippine President was delayed. Following the expiry of the specified date, the Philippine administration threatened to wage a war if Canada did not receive the garbage as soon as possible. After the relations were tightened, the Canadian administration accelerated the necessary transactions and commissioned a private company to have the containers removed and the containers reached Canada recently.

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