Began Muhic, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Istanbul Consular-General has said that his country is experiencing a spree of development and that Bosnia-Herzegovina has become a country in which investment is desirable in all sectors.
Speaking in bursa, Muhic said “We have very many tax incentives for investors. There are no sectors in our country in which investment is undesirable.” Muhic continued “Bosnia-Herzegovina has one of the lowest tax rates. This is a great advantage for investors. Bosnia’s underground and above ground resources are numerous. The country has high quality forests. Agricultural land is very fertile. This applies to livestock raising too. Bosnia has a high water potential. This may be used in energy or in irrigation.”
Calling on all those who would want to invest in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Consular-General Began Muhic said that the central and local administrations are always open to investors.
Mete Ersöz

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