News Center-TDO- The conference themed "Ukraine-Turkey: 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations" was hosted by the Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM).

Vasyl Bodnar, Ukraine's Ambassador to Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol, ANKASAM President, guests and press members attended the conference.

Making the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol said that although the agenda of the conference is the 30th anniversary of relations, the current situation in Ukraine is critical. He stated that the history of relations between Ukraine and Turkey and the deep ties between the two countries' peoples are in question.

Erol also noted that Turkey's support for Ukraine's independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty underlies this common past and shared understanding of history. On the other hand, Erol pointed out that Ukraine-Turkey relations are essential for regional and world politics.

Referring to the mediation role of Turkey in the issue between Ukraine and Russia, Erol said, "Turkey has shown its active support for peace."

Ambassador Bodnar, in his speech, evaluated the Ukraine-Turkey relations in the fields of economic, defense industry, tourism and human relations.

Noting that the importance of Hatice Turhan Sultan, of Ukrainian origin, should be known for the Ottoman and Ukraine regarding the shared history, the Ambassador said, "We will soon come to the stage of a joint meeting and session on this issue."

Noting that Turkish business people are in the leading position in Ukraine, Bodnar stated 35 thousand Ukrainians were permanently residing in Turkey.

He also said that Ukrainians across Turkey established 18 Ukrainian Associations.

"One of the greatest measures that can be taken against Russian aggression is Ukraine's membership in NATO. It is a mistake for Ukraine not to be a member of NATO in 2008," he continued.

"Germany was against sending arms to Ukraine. They were not convinced of Ukraine's NATO Integration. They had their arguments. I also negotiated with the German side many times. There was pressure from the business world among these arguments-from those with Russian relations. An example of this was the Nord Stream project. What was surprising for me was that some German diplomat had told me we had to surrender to Russia in 2014. Germany doesn't care about Europe's security. Their attitudes show this. The second dimension is their desire to be a good mediator. I think their mediation in this context will be to the Kremlin.

The issue of membership in NATO is significant, and these states must understand that what happened to us can happen to them one day. If we look at history, we see examples of this. We organized a Ukrainian public opinion poll in Germany about EU Integration. According to that survey, 60% of Germans support Ukraine's EU membership. On the other hand, we receive serious support from Germany regarding the reforms in Ukraine," he concluded.

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