Mustafa AY – TDO – 19.09.2017 Swiss Geneva University has just taken the initiative on communal integration project with the aim of helping İmams understand the society and comply with them. Yves Flückiger, Rector of Geneva University, stated that the course schedule will be French language, political philosophy, human rights and ethnics. Through this initiative, that Islam will integrate with Christianity in harmony and the religious-based tensions will be averted are being predicted by the University.

The project is not mandatory. It is thoroughly optional for İmams. Geneva University will reportedly grant this education to İmams for free because it is the pilot year for the project. In case of favorable conclusions arising from the project in the 2017-18 semester, University will arrange the project as compulsory university fee. On account of first year in the project, university fees and educational expenditures will be afforded by the Canton and Geneva University. Within the scope of project, only 12 imam’s all educational cost are estimated to be 10 thousand Franc. If the project goes well, then forthcoming semester will be afforded by Imam's.

Geneva University is also planning to teach its students Islamic theology and to adjust conferences on the issue of Islamic thought. As project leaders think of that the communal integration in terms of religion cannot be achieved by one-side, University will make the necessary arrangements to make the project work well. Geneva University pioneered many project to create a harmonious and friendly community before. It granted 35 refugees to have education for free.

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