Nuran YILDIRIM - TDO - By the end of the 52-year-civil war, which began in 1964, Colombia’s Congress has approved an amnesty law to protect the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrilla fighters.

The law, which is considered an important step in reintegrating the FARC members into society, will not include those who have committed qualified crimes, committed war crimes and  human rights violations. In this context, it is expected that about 7,000 Farc members to lay down their arms over the next six months.At the same time, the law plays an important role in transforming the FARC into a political party

Despite opposition from the right-wing Democratic Center party, whose members left the Assembly Hall during the vote, the bill passed in the Senate and the lower house of Colombia’s Congress.

In November, the Colombian government signed a peace agreement with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC). However, Colombians have rejected the peace deal to end 52 years of war with Farc guerrillas in a referendum. On November 24, the final form of the agreement was presented to the parliament, and on 30 November, the House of Representatives approved it.

The President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel peace prize this month for his work on the peace agreement with the FARC.

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