Mustafa AY – TDO – 31.03.2018 Following the phone call with US President Donald Trump, President of France Emanuel Macron had an exclusive meeting with the delegates from terrorist organisation SDF/YPG/PKK in Elysee presidential palace. This meeting concluded with Macron’s announcement that they are going to deploy French Legions to Manbij so as to support YPG, which inevitably triggered the tension between Turkey and France. However, President Macron underlined that deployment of French troops to Manbij will serve for peace and stability of the region. So, France and USA focused their peaceful purposes on only Manbij, but not on whole Syria.

On Friday, US Coalition Spokesman Colonel Veale stated that they are going to send reinforcements to Manbij. However, Colonel Veale didn’t share any information with regards to what sort of and to what extent the planned reinforcement will be. Interestingly, Colonel Veale stated that the purpose of the reinforcement to Manbij is peace and stability as French keeps telling. Both French and US officials talk the same standard words like ‘peace and stability’ could be the testimony of that they reached the full unanimity for collaboration on the phone call. Therefore, both countries’ military presence in Manbij would serve different interest, but is going to be on the basis of close collaboration for YPG for sure.

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