İrem UZUN -TDO-  Based on the court order, France closes a tent camp, in Dunkirk near the English Channel, over security and hygiene concerns, causing the eviction of nearly 1000 migrants. In responding to the needs of migrant families seeking shelter, a gymnasium had been opened in December 2018. However, due to the over-occupancy of the camp, many people have set up tents in areas adjacent to the gym in recent months, raising some safety and hygiene concerns.

Having been the largest eviction in more than a year, camp’s imminent closure is assumed to be causing humanitarian problems. With the rapid arrival of the riot police at 7am, people were forced to be separated from their families. Aid workers with Care4Calais say migrants were told to get on a bus and did not know where they were being taken. Besides, it assumed that the clearance might lead to an increase in the number of migrants crossing the Channel by boat.

Although the officials said migrants were being taken to temporary shelters and would be allowed to apply for asylum, Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley stated that it would cause further abuse some of the most vulnerable people in society – people who are already severely traumatized and who are desperate to protect their families.

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