Hassam Hameed-TDO- 08.12.2107- US president Donald Trump’s announcement has sparked clashes between the Palestinians and Israeli troops. Around 31 Palestinians are said to be wounded and one is in a critical condition. Trump’s announcement has faced condemnation from all around the world.

Israel has deployed extra troops in the west bank as protests proceed in the streets. Two rockets were launched from Gaza but reportedly dropped short within Gaza strip. Hamas has called for new ‘intifada’(uprising). US decision has been condemned by leaders across the world. Russia is viewing it with “serious concern”, France has called it “regrettable, England described it as “unhelpful”, Angela Merkel said “we disagree with the decision”, and Recep Tayyib Erdogan said this decision has put the region into a “ring of fire”. Countries(including US allies) have pushed for emergency security council meeting.

Whereas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is profoundly grateful to Mr. Trump and said he will be remembered in the capital’s history. Other countries are expected to follow suit. Israeli media mentioned names of Philippines and Czech Republic.

Analysts suggest many discrepancies in Trump’s speech, in which he mentioned that he acted according to the will of American people, whereas according to the poll carried out by Arab American Institute, only 20% of Americans favored the decision. Also it is believed that US is acting according to the wishes of Israel only, as it is the third time during this year that Trump administration has shown hostility towards Palestinian Authorities, First when Trump’s administration ordered PLO to close down its embassy in Washington, second was when the unanimous vote in Congress decided to cut the aid for PA unless the stop paying monthly salary to the families of convicted or killed militants, third was this decision where Trump unilaterally announced Jerusalem Israel's capital, despite the warning from leaders around the world and UN resolution against it. Hence Palestine has disqualified US to broker any deal for peace in future in the region, as it is clear for them where US administration loyalties are.


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