While the civil war continues in Syria, jihadist group Fatih Halab is claimed to conduct a chemical attack in Ramousseh which is in the South western part of Aleppo. 9 civilians are reported dead as 20 wounded have delivered to surrounding hospitals. Russian news agency Interfax and broadcasting agencies in Syria announced that rebels have attacked the area with ‘toxic gas’, yet the claims have not been verified by independent sources. In the announcement Russia has made; it has been reported that USA has been informed about the chemical attack.Several different claims have been made about who is behind the attack as the event took lives at the point where the Russian helicopter was shot down before. Syria National Coalition (SNC) blames President Bashar Al-Assad for the attack, yet Assad has rejected the accusations. A while after the events, state-based news agency SANA announced that chemical attack was realized by the rebels by firing rockets to the government controlled old-quarter in Aleppo. Taj Kordsh from Syria Democratic Forces who spoke to Al Jazeera told that the attack is just one of the few chemical attacks that happened in the region recently. Kordsh, who is a member of the group allied with YPG said: “These attacks targeted civilians in Sheikh Maqsoud. We have proof that these rebel groups obtained these weapons and used them to target residential areas”.Aleppo is constantly in a state of conflict since 2012 and it is divided into two: east controlled by the opposition forces whereas west is controlled by the government. As the intensive conflict continues in the region, speculations about the usage of chemical weapons were present; yet there was no clear announcement from the United States or Russia on the topic as the term “chemical weapon” was avoided to be verbalized. Now with this latest attack, the allegations are on the table again and it can be claimed that Russian and American authorities won’t remain silent anymore.Altuð ALSAN

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