Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The environmental protection group Robin of the Forests filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office claiming that the authorities deliberately endangered human life during a fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The environmental protection group claims that the authorities are aware of the high amount of bullets sprinkled during the fire, but have not given enough warnings.

The bell tower and ceiling of the cathedral, which caught fire in the cathedral last April, melted tons of bullets in the ceiling and scattered around in the form of smoke with smoke. This was later agreed upon in the air, in the surrounding schools and in other buildings, the detection of lead above normal.

The Robin of the Forests group filed a complaint on 26 July, stating that the authorities were aware of the high amount of lead spray caused by the fire and did not warn local residents, tourists and employees.

The prosecutor's office, which takes the complaint into consideration, will decide in the coming days whether the claim requires a deeper investigation.

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