İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Each action has benefits and costs. War is one of them. Throughout the history, states made serious cost-benefit calculations to combat against another.  Military intervention is another, fragile type of war which must be calculated more carefully. In order to persuade international community, states usually use Just War theory and Responsibility to protectidea. One criteria of both theories is ‘’cause less harm than benefit’’which means, it must worth to engage in war, atone loss of lives (I don’t know how) and the financial burden of it. So, you have to achieve something bigger that would be more useful for all.War as a killing thing naturally causes life loss but the victim must be preferably from the enemy side. Unfortunately, intervention to Mosul against Deash led civilian deaths. According to the recent report of Rudaw media outlet, above 200 civilians were died in airstrikes of the US-led coalition.

As it has been written in the report, 130 people have been killed in one house in Mosul's Jadida neighborhood and around 100 others hit inside another. Also, it has been asserted that Daesh terrorists could also be among the dead. The terrorists are reportedly "entrenched inside civilian homes."

The operation to re-take Mosul, the second largest city of the state, has begun in October 2016. Until now, eastern Mosul is freed from Deash militants and clashes continue in the western side.  

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