The dominance of the ISIS in the region has been wavering in the face of increased propaganda and counterattacks. Meanwhile, all the groups fighting the ISIS have objectives of their own, some of which overlap. It can be said that the Syrian regime and the ISIS on the one hand and the US-led coalition and on the other YPG/PKK forces cooperate.Of all the contested land, it is Syrian territory the future of which is uncertain. The ISIS had controlled a significant stretch of land along the Syrian-Turkish border in the past, but has lost ground recently. With the loss of control over strategic points, it is up for debate for how long the ISIS can maintain its current strategy in Syria and Iraq.A significant escalation has been observed in the fighting between ISIS and YPG/PKK militants. The most important cause of the increased fighting is said to be the YPG/PKK advance towards the eastern Mediterranean line, which is vital for the ISIS.The fighting in Syria can be small scale, unlike in Iraq and the recent clashes are said to have taken place near the village of Zahra Er Ramila. According to the ISIS, the YPG/PKK have sustained losses when they attacked the village that is to the east of the Faruq Dam.
Meanwhile, the YPG relies heavily on support of the US and coalition forces against the ISIS threat. This support is said to impact heavily on the ISIS’ morale. However, given that all transport routes in the Membic and Cerablus regions have been destroyed by coalition aircraft, the many sided fighting in the region is also a cause of desperation for the local people.As the Syrian civil war enters its sixth year, it may be said that the demographic structure of Syria has now been altered after Iraq. While it is not clear for how long radical elements such as the ISIS will remain, it is certain that the conflict is costing the settled populations of Iraq and Syria dearly.News Centre

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