Mustafa AY – TDO - 04.08.2017 Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s leaks related to US intelligence agency’s cyber operations were released in social media. These leaks cover elaborated points of these illicit cyber operations. Especially, Snowden surfaced the fact that USA’s CIA and NSA and UK’s MI6 improved ‘Trojan’ that is a virus working for hacking targeted electronic devices. According to him, this virus is capable of seizing the control of Microsoft-based computer, and its microphone and camera. Through this virus, it is highly possible that CIA and NSA may steal the data’s belonging to vital politicians so that they can extort what they are asking those politicians in surveillance to do. All these exposures of confidential information have costed Snowden to encounter the charges for ‘treason’. However, Kremlin acknowledged the ‘political asylum request’ of Snowden and provided him with accommodation in Moscow under strict security measures.

Wikileaks released new governmental documents under the name of “Vault 7”, which elaborates cyber assails and capabilities of CIA, for public opinion. Following this leak, Wikileaks disclosed CIA’s secret ‘Dumbo’ project. In accordance with the leaks, CIA seems to be successful in the attempts at hacking IOS, as well as Microsoft. By the virtue of developed Trojan viruses, CIA can monitor the cameras, microphones and special programs to record all the data from the target computer. Tough, to be able to do that, there should be a risky ‘field move’ like connecting a USB to the target electronic device. Through this USB, CIA can hack the computer or alkies to get what they are aimed at stealing.

Is there any other technical option offering USA to apply in the matter of cyber technology, as well as the World? Maybe… Israeli Intelligence Agency –Mossad- and Ben-Gurion university improved a joint project. That is stealing data from an unconnected-to-internet computer. They achieved this by modifying a camera to a drone which is going to fly over target computer with the purpose of getting data. When we are looking at the firm alliance between USA and Israel, CIA seem to have more options than ‘connecting USB to computer’. Therefore, there may be “Vault 8” leaks that CIA would make operations like stealing data from unconnected-to-internet computers as in Mossad’s cyber techniques. 

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