Serhat TUNAR -TDO- A religious meeting held in a church in Mulhouse, France, last February was the source of thousands of Covid-19 cases. The central city of Covid-19, a new type of coronavirus, is thought to be one of the locations where the virus has spread throughout the country.

The number of those who contracted the disease at the meeting, which caused the virus to spread, was expressed in the thousands, according to research by French state television.

A large evangelical community of France is organizing the religious gathering, which has been held in Mulhouse for 25 years. About 2,500 people gathered at a church in this city between 17 and 24 February this year and worshipped together for a week. Hundreds of people from all over France returned to their homes after the meeting ended.

Given the statements of local health authorities and the research of journalists, it is thought that at least a thousand people were infected with the virus at this meeting. In addition, the city of Mulhouse became one of the sources of Covid-19 cases, which spread throughout France.

Patrick Vogt, a general practitioner in the city of Mulhouse, explained that a few days after the meeting ended, there were dozens of patients admitted to him. In an interview with France Info, Vogt said: "I asked one of the patients if there were a large number of people coughing at the meeting.’Yes, the majority of them were coughing,' I got the reply."

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