Indonesian governorBasuki Tjahaja Purnama who is the first Christian governor after decades has been suspected due to blasphemy claims. In September he lightheartedly commented on surah’s of Quran about friendship with Jews and Christians. Following the eventon November 4, bloody street protests has been conducted, one killed and hundreds injured.Basuki is a political ally of  president Joko Midodo  and he officially declared that he will run for 2017 Jakarta Special Capital Region gubernatorial election . It has been claimed that Islamist groups have been attacking him since 2014 as he came to power and ongoing events are products of black propaganda against his campaign and the president Widodo who is not a member of political or military elite. Nationalism and Islamism are very popular in Indonesia. It has the biggest Muslim population in the World as 255,993,674. In recent years, country-wide radical Islamist movements have been risen. In October a woman had been wiped 23 times as she was standing too close to her boyfriend in Ace where is ruled according to Shariah. News Center

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