Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.02.2018 Chinese high ranking official Yang Jing, who was serving as Secretary General of State Council and Communist Party of China’s Committee Secretary, was under probe by CPC’s anti-corruption watchdogs. Party spokesman stated that they’ve revealed Jing’s partaking in bribery and illegal businesses. In accordance with the proofs presented to CPC by party watchdogs, Jing were taking bribery from the China’s leading businessmen, who Jing tried to benefit from their status for his own personal gains and advantages.

The inspectors of CPC stated that they’ve also surfaced Jing’s family members’ wrongdoings like taking bribery from important businessmen of the country as did Jing. After the probe’s details were shared with Chinese society for the public information, CPS officials announced Jing’s suspension from his office. Above all the scandals, Jing made some utterances. He admitted all the guilt directed to himself by CPC. Therefore, he expressed his regrets for the wrongdoings and apologized both Chinese authorities and society.

Chinese President Xi Jinping embarked on an anti-corruption campaign that’s been aimed at purging China from corrupted statesmen and politicians. As a result of the campaign, many important bureaucrats, politicians and military officers were exposed and dismissed. CPC’s Central Military Commissioner Zhang Yang were exposed to receive bribery. Following the disclosure of his guilt, he committed suicide. 

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