News Center -TDO-An event was held at the Leyla Gencer stage in Ankara on the day of the Chinese Spring Festival, hosted by Deng Li, China's ambassador to Turkey.

The event was attended by Shi Rui Lin, Undersecretary of Culture at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, as well as many guests.

As part of the Chinese Spring Day celebration events, the "Magical Silk Road and The Magnificent Longyuan" show was exhibited by the Chinese Gansu Provincial Opera.

The event brings together traditional Chinese dance and Music, Introducing ancient cultural heritage and modern culture in 16 different sections. A variety of folk tunes, traditional musical instrument performances, dancing and acrobatics from different ethnic groups captivated the audience.

The live music show with the bamboo flute and Erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument, attracted quite a lot of attention from the audience. On the other hand, the song "Katibim" was performed in Turkish by a Chinese artist, garnering standing applause.

 "According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar with 12 animals, this year will be the 'Year of the mouse'. The year of the mouse is the starting year of the calendar.

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