İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-24.09.2017- Chinese authorities warned North Korea as ‘’ do not go further n the wrong path’’ regarding it’s developping nuclear program and encouraged that diplomacy is the only way.

During his speech in the 72nd meeting of UNGA, Chinese Foreign Minister  Wang Yi, stated that diplomatic choices is the only way to solve the problem and  it should be no nuclear weapons neither in North Korea, South Korea or any other place in Eastern Asia. Also, Yi requested USA to fulfill it’s promises and decrease tensions.  He said ‘’We call each party to be constructive. There is stil hope for peace. We should not give up.  Negotiation is the only way that deserves each effort’’.

Most recently, on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump worded, in case of an attack to whether USA or any of it’s allies, North Korea would be totally destroyed.  In response, Kim Jong-Un threatened further, called Trump as ‘’insane’’ and asserted that would cost dearly for Washington.

It seems, regardless of all threats and warnings, Pyongyang will continue to be a fully nuclear capable state. In his visit to Newyork, Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho, told to reporters that what in Kim Jong-Un’s mind could be hidrogene bomb that would be exploded on Pacific. 

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