Selin ATAY-TDO- China will first implement the Covid-19 vaccine in the winter and spring seasons on "key risk groups," then expand the scope of the coronavirus vaccine to cover a wide range of people, said Zeng Yixin, head of the Vaccine Research and Development Working Group of the State Council of the people's Republic of China.

China's efforts to bring Covid-19 under control come under increasing pressure as temperatures drop, president Zeng Yixin said in a press release. “In winter and spring, vaccination of some basic population groups against the new coronavirus is of great importance in preventing the outbreak,” Yixin said.

Nearly 50 million people are scheduled to be vaccinated before February 12, 2021, a China-based newspaper reported. It is reported that Beijing will buy and distribute 100 million doses of vaccines from the companies Sinopharma and Sinovac Biotech.

Although the vaccine has not yet been officially approved, China envisions launching a program to vaccinate citizens in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in early 2021. At least a million people have been vaccinated in China after two vaccines in the trial phase received approval for “emergency use.” But vaccination has so far been limited to priority groups such as government employees and international students.

China has five vaccines that are in the final stages of development against Covid-19, but none of them have received official approval from the authorities. In addition, the results of the vaccine experiments, which are in the final stage, have not yet been published.

According to a statement from health officials, the vaccines are expected to be administered to all people in the region in Xinjiang after the New Year's holiday of the Chinese calendar. Officials noted that 118 thousand doses of the vaccine have reached the region so far. They plan to vaccinate all at-risk groups by February 5 before implementing the vaccination program to the entire population of the region. But it was not disclosed by authorities who developed and produced the vaccines. Xinjiang is the first province to set a timetable for a plan to vaccinate all of the region's people.

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