Mustafa AY – TDO – 29.11.2017 Chinese government broadcasted its next-generation hypersonic ICBM missile named “Dongfeng-41”. It has multi-nuclear warhead that is capable of annihilating abundant targets. The missile added new dimension to the global actors’s place in terms of regional and global hegemony because Dongfeng-41 has aspects like covering lands within the range of 12.000 km and crusing at Mach 10 that is equivalent to ‘12.350 km/hour’. So, China can hit London, Washington, Moscow and other capitals within not hours, but only minutes. Dongfeng-41’s contemporaries are knowingly Israel’s Jericho 3, USA’s LGM-30 Minuteman 3 and Russia’s RS-26 Rubezh. When it comes to the question “is there any defense weapon protecting the country from such a powerful and deterrent hypersonic ICBM, Russia knowingly has such a capable weapon. Russia’s new brand air defense missile system S-500 works for eliminating hypersonic ICBM, as it is an hypersonic air-defense missile system. 

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