Mustafa AY - TDO - 28.01.2018 Alf S Johansen of the Värmland-Østfold Border Committee, which composes of appointed specialists from both Norway and Sweden, convened to discuss regarding a railway project connecting Oslo and Stockholm one another. At the talks, Committee members tried to reach an unanimity on which project they'll opt for. According to the reports from the Committee, there are two alternatives that they reached consensus for the project. One is that they will resort to the rehabilitation of the existing railways which will cost around 50 billion kronor amounting to 5.1 billion euros. The second and final alternative is that both countries will embark on constructing a new high-speed railway at the cost of 170 billion kronor that is equivalent to 17.3 billion euros. With this project, both countries plan to eliminate time problem and thus to decrease travel time from 5 to around 3 hours between Oslo and Stockholm.

The important thing in this project is about China's place in this project. According to Committee members, China may get involved in this infrastructural project. As for how, China's engagement in the project may be limited with financing and engineering competencies. This prospective engagement emerged from an offer for partnership from a Chinese business delegation from 'China Association for Promoting International Economic and Technical Cooperation'. Seemingly, China has focused on cross-border businesses and devoted its energy and financial power to infrastructural works and projects outside China, which contribute tremendous amount of income to China. Therefore, China’s efforts are aimed at taking part in the construction giants conducting the related businesses all around the world. 

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