İrem UZUN -TDO- Passengers of China-bound flights must provide negative COVID-19 test results before boarding, China’s aviation authority said on Tuesday, as the government looks to further reduce the risk of imported coronavirus cases amid increased international travel.

Nucleic acid tests must be completed within five days of embarkation, Reuters reported, at facilities designated or recognized by Chinese embassies in host countries. The embassies will assess the testing capacity of host countries and establish travel policies when testing conditions are met, according to authorities. Foreign travelers to China will be required to apply for a health certificate from the Chinese embassy in their country of origin and Chinese passengers must present a QR code proving their eligibility to board the flight, CNN reported.

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) also said on Friday that Japan Airlines, Lao Airlines, and Hainan Airlines are allowed to increase their number of international flights because of their effective COVID-19 control measures. The number of flights can be increased from one to two per week until October 24. Japan Airlines and Lao Airlines are the first two foreign airlines to be rewarded. According to the CAAC policy, if all inbound passengers test negative for novel coronavirus for three weeks in a row, the airline will be allowed to increase the number of flights to two per week. If the number of passengers testing positive reaches five, the airline's flights will be suspended for a week. The suspension will last four weeks if the number of passengers testing positive reaches 10.

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