İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-23.05.2017 According to Japanese Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked US President Donald Trump for additional time of 100 days to strengthen its sanctions against North Korea before Washington adds Chinese firms that are linked to Pyongyang to its sanction list.  

In a previous interview published in the Financial Times, Trump suggested that China should use its influence over North Korea that impose ‘’threat’’ to World peace regarding its missile tests. Nevertheless, he left an open door for Chinese authorities by saying that Washington was prepared to act unilaterally if it did not secure Beijing's agreement on the issue.

Meanwhile, debates in South Korea to whether accept the deployment of US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) against North Korean aggression or not, as China expressed its disapproval of Seoul's decision to emplace it. China has concerns about THAAD system because it is alleged to be a highly capable radar to observe Chinese territory in detail.  Last week, the floor leader of the South Korean ruling Democratic Party, Woo Won-shik, said that THAAD might be sent back to USA due to its lack of parliamentary approval.

Pyongyang's nuclear program and missile tests cause worry in its neighbors, Japan, South Korea and most importantly their common ally USA.  They try to persuade Pyongyang to end its mission that date backs to 2000’s via using both soft and military power. 

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