Şimal Çınar –TDO- Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin made a statement on Sunday on the role of China over the issues of Syria and said that China intends to play a bigger role in the reconstruction and development process by increasing aid to the country which has been struggling for the past seven years.

The Chinese project in Syria includes providing health care services for Syrian refugees and improving primary health care and outreaching health services in Syria. According to the statement of the Chinese embassy, the project of rehabilitating the emergency center in the al-Muwasat University Hospital reflects a concrete implementation of the Chinese humanitarian aid. Chinese government also donated 1 million U.S. dollars to the World Health Organization (WHO) for supporting a humanitarian project on addressing the health issues of affected Syrians in January 2017. The statement said, "We believe this project will play an active role in improving the local medical and health situation."     

Ambassador Qi Qianjin reportedly visited the emergency department of the al-Muwasat University Hospital in Damascus. He said "We wish that these donations for this hospital and other organizations help provide the best services to the Syrian people, especially the sick. These donations are also a clear evidence of the deep friendship between the governments of China and Syria and the peoples of China and Syria."

For his part, Esam Ameen, the head of the al-Muwasat University Hospital, expressed gratitude for the Chinese support. "China's supportive stance was not only in the political field, but also on the practical level, as China has provided much aid, including this help in renovating the emergency center, which has provided a vital service for the Syrian people," Ameen said.

Apart from these, the Syrian Minister of Transport told Sputnik that after fixing the transport network within the country, the construction of a railway line to China might be possible. Also, it was reported by the Global Times that at least 30 Chinese have travelled to Syria since April to look for investment opportunities.

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