İrem UZUN -TDO- China has fired two missiles, including one dubbed an "aircraft-carrier killer", into the South China Sea on Wednesday, according to a news report. The rare double test was almost certainly a warning to the U.S. Navy, which has sent several aircraft carriers into the sea on exercises this year.

The South China Morning Post reported on Thursday that Beijing fired one intermediate-range ballistic missile, DF-26B, from Qinghai province and another medium-range ballistic missile, DF-21D, from Zhejiang province on Wednesday in response to U.S. aerial activities in a "no-fly zone". The two missiles were reportedly fired in the direction of the area between Hainan province and the disputed Paracel Islands, the Hong Kong-based publication added, quoting an unnamed source.

In response to the launches, Mark Esper, the U.S. defence chief, said China has repeatedly fallen short of promises to abide by international laws, noting China seems to be flexing its muscles the most in Southeast Asia.

Washington Wednesday slapped new restrictions on certain Chinese state-owned enterprises and executives for “malign activities” in the South China Sea. Responding to the U.S. sanctions, China termed them “hegemonic and power politics”. China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian Zhao said “It is totally hegemonic logic and power politics for the U.S. to impose illegal sanctions on Chinese companies over South China Sea issue.” “China will take measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies,” Lijian added.

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