Selin ATAY-TDO- The Chinese government’s top diplomat said on Monday that Czech Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil will “pay a heavy price” for making an official trip to Taiwan. Also, he prompted Prague to summon China’s ambassador to explain comments it said “crossed the line”.

Czech Senate speaker arrived in Taipei on a visit to promote business links with Taiwan. Vystrcil said the Czech Republic would not bow to Beijing’s objections.

“The Chinese government and Chinese people won’t take a laissez-faire attitude or sit idly by, and will make him (Vystrcil) pay a heavy price for his short-sighted behaviour and political opportunism,” China’s foreign ministry cited State Councillor Wang Yi as saying.

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek said that even though the government did not support the trip, Wang’s remarks were too strong. He summoned the Chinese ambassador to explain his remarks.

Calling for cooperation “without emotions which don’t belong in diplomacy”, Petricek said that “Minister Wang’s statement has crossed the line, such strong words don’t belong in relations between two sovereign countries,”

Vystrcil said Wang’s comments were an interference in Czech internal affairs, and saying his visit was not meant to “politically confront anyone”.

“We are a free country seeking to have good relationships with all countries and I believe this will be the case in the future irrespective of the statement of the minister,” Vystrcil said in a statement.

“The Czech Republic and Taiwan were both “free and democratic countries which put great store on human rights”, Taiwan Economics Minister Wang Mei-hua told reporters.

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