Selin ATAY-TDO- In response to new allegations that Beijing is pursuing a more aggressive diplomatic strategy, China’s embassy in London said on Saturday that British politicians are twisting facts in order to undermine bilateral ties with Beijing.

Beijing had raised its diplomatic presence in Britain by nearly a quarter in the past 10 years in a bid to boost its political influence, a spokesman for the embassy said in his comment on a report in the newspaper.

“Some politicians and institutions deliberately twist and smear the normal exchange and cooperation between the two countries or even clamor for the so-called ‘new cold war’ against China,” the spokesman for China’s embassy in London said in a statement posted on the embassy’s official website.

Chinese diplomats in Britain are “serving as a bridge” between the China- Britain and promote mutually beneficial cooperation, the spokesman said. They deserve a fair assessment “rather than distortion and accusation”.

In response to the claim that Beijing was taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to pursue its “wolf warrior” diplomatic agenda, the spokesman said Chinese diplomats had a duty to tell the real story “in the face of misinterpretations, misunderstandings and even deliberate slanders”.

“Wolf warrior” diplomacy is the name given to a more aggressive approach to international relations by China’s foreign representatives.

Ties between London and Beijing have become increasingly strained lately amid disagreements regarding Hong Kong as well as Britain’s move to block Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from taking an interest in its 5G rollout.

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