İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – DG – President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov mentioned that Chechen forces may join to the war in Syria in case Putin orders them to.

Russian media reported two battalions of Chechen soldiers were about to go to Syria in order to protect the Russian airbase. Kadyrov did not confirm this but he posted on Instagram that the troops stationed in Chechnya would be happy to deploy to Syria, if they are sent there by President Putin. He added that he would be eager to personally join the fight against international terrorism. He said ‘’ I would be happy and proud to immediately go to Syria to fight the scum on President Vladimir Putin’s orders. The enemy must be destroyed in his den before his tentacles reach your land.” Previously, he said in a state owned media documentary that he had sent Chechens to infiltrate the ISIS and gather intelligence.

Kadyrov has repeatedly described himself and his troops as “Putin’s foot soldiers”.  Also, he wrote  “I am utterly devoted to Vladimir Putin and ready until the end of my life to resist the enemies of Russia,” on Instagram.  Many Chechens have played a role in the fighting in eastern Ukraine, since 2014. Moreover, critics accuse him of abductions, torture and extrajudicial killings in Chechnya. 

Furthermore, he encouraged strict observance of Islamic rules in Chechnya, made it obligatory for women to wear headscarves and legalized polygamy.  Today Chechnya  reliant on Moscow for financial support and Shariah law is selective, not absolute. 

Kadyrov attended to First Russian-Chechen War together with his father Ahmed Kadyrov in Chechen side but he joined to the Second Russian-Chechen War in Russian side and Putin gave him hero medal of Russian Federation in 2004.  He became the president of Chechnya in 2007, after Alu Alkhanov. In September he was re-elected with almost 98% of votes.

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