İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-15.08.2017- Black Lives Matter (BLM) members alleged that white-supremacists would conduct another rally soon.

On 11 August, Friday, A ‘’Unite the Right’’ rally was organized regarding the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee who was a commander during American Civil War, fought for the ‘’South’’ and military leader in the famous Battle of Gettysburg. As a result of the war, his army was almost destroyed and his invasion of the North was ended. Fortunatelly, he was saved from being hanged as a traitor, forgived by President Abraham Lincoln and accepted a job as president of a small college in western Virginia.

The rally was described as one of the biggest white-supremacist event in the US history. It was planned by Jason Kesner who is a former journalist and a member of ultra nationalist ‘’Proud Boys’’ group.

ollowing, on 12 August, Saturday, a counter group started street demonstrations in Charlottesville. Meanwhile, a driver, Alex Fields Jr., 20, drove the car into the group, led 32-year-old Heather Heyer die and 35 others to be injured. Field’s former teacher, Derek Weimer, told to The Washington Post as he had a strong fascination of Nazism. Also, Richard Spencer who is a leader of white supremacist movement, ‘’Vanguard America’’, describing itself as the "Face of American Fascism", told Fields was a former member of the group.

Recently, a member of BLM, Katrina Turner told to Sputnik as "We have been hearing there is going to be a rally somewhere today but we cannot find out where it is. We have been hearing [the white supremacists] are going to join again… they are still here and we ran a lot of them out of here today".

American history has smutched with slavery and inequality which was formally ended by President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Nevertheless, Black people suffered from massive discrimination till 60’s. Now, problems of the US on human rigths, equality and democracy, seems to be ended but these events show us how radicalism could shake the biggest economy and the most significant military power of the world. Radicalism and hate speech are highly contagious and dangerous for all.

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