News Center -TDO- An event was held for the "Ceylon Cinnamon", which received a geographical indication from the European Union, on February 23, 2022, hosted by Mohammed Rizvi Hassen, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Ankara.

Journalists and guests attended the event held at the Embassy.

Sri Lanka, the only country that produces and exports pure Ceylon cinnamon, which makes up 85 percent of the world cinnamon market, received a geographical indication from the European Union on February 23.

Among all the spices produced in Sri Lanka, the most famous is 'Ceylon Cinnamon', known as the "True Cinnamon" which is considered as the miracle spice due to its rich aroma, native to Sri Lanka.

Its scientific name is "Cinnamomum Zeylanicum” which is a small evergreen tree belonging to the famtiy of "Lauraceae".

Ceylon Cinnamon is used for cooking purposes to bring flavour and aroma to the food, cosmetic and perfumery industry and pharmaceutical industry due to its very high medicina! value

The European Commission (EU Regulation 2022/144) on 2nd February, 2022 entered the
name 'Ceylon Cinnamon' in the registry of the Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications (Ceylon Cinnamon PGI)

“Best Cinnamon in Sri Lanka”

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Mohammed Rizvi Hassen stated that Sri Lanka's spices are very popular and that there is an interest in spices from Sri Lanka in Turkey.

Stating that even during the Seljuk period, traders from the Anatolian region went to Sri Lanka to find spices, Ambassador Hassen said that there was information about Ceylon cinnamon in the memories of Ottoman period merchants.

“The best cinnamon is in Sri Lanka,” Ambassador Hassen said.

Stating that they applied 2-3 years ago to get a geographical indication from the European Union for Ceylon cinnamon and Ceylon tea, Hassen said, "Ceylon cinnamon is unique to Sri Lanka. A few months ago, we received a geographical indication (for Ceylon cinnamon) on February 2, 2022. This is a great victory for us to preserve our uniqueness.” said.

More than 90 percent of spices and related products produced in Sri Lanka are used in the global food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products industry.

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