İlknur Şebnem Öztemel –TDO-Goethe Institute hosted a significant event conducted with EUNIC Turkey, regarding the Environment Day.

Program started with an interactive exhibition, named ‘’Umdenken’’, about nature and human impact on it. Following, an Italian documentary named ‘’Roots in the Cement’’ was shown. After a ten minute break, a panel discussion was conducted  by the attendance of Dr, Uwe R. Fritsche from Germany,  Dr. Simon Nemtzov from Israel and Ali Kantur, the Chairman of ITC .

Initially Dr. Fritsche talked about sustainable development. Secondly, Dr. Nemtzov talked about natural treasures and natural parks of Israel and their government policy towards it.  Finally, Mr. Kantur talked about ITC waste management systems and the amazing transformation of the Mamak Dump Site in Ankara.  Program continued with a cocktail and a Spanish documentary called Tambie Lluvia (Even the Rain).

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