News Centre -TDO- On Friday, May 17, 2019 celebrating World Vyshyvanka Day, the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara held a workshop and a charity event on creating traditional embroidered blouses for the newborn babies.

Upon invitation and organization by Tetyana Sybiha, Ukrainian Ambassador's Spouse over 40 representatives of 19 countries (Spouses of Heads of Missions accredited in Ankara, Military Attaché Spouses and Ankara Ukrainian  Community  leaders) joined their efforts in a noble charity event and an embroidery workshop.

Each year every third Thursday of May Ukrainian people celebrate the Vyshyvanka Day. No matter where they are they wear their traditional embroidered blouse. It is not only a piece of clothing for Ukrainian people but a very special symbol.  It is the unique code of the Ukrainian nation, demonstrating their passion for freedom and highlighting their self-identity. Wearing Vyshyvanka which was once forbidden during the Soviet times, Ukrainians express that they are  a free and peace loving nation, which for centuries has been a cradle of so many talented and gifted people.

In the past the embroidery was believed to protect its owner from evil. Every symbol in Ukrainian embroidery has ancient roots and sacral meaning. Every region of Ukraine has preserved its own unique techniques and patterns of decorating clothes and household utensils with embroidery.  Undoubtedly a shirt made by mother, caring wife who put so many efforts and love into their embroidery will become a special thing radiating positive energy and protecting its owner.

Since 2017 the Ukrainian Embassy has launched the initiative  'Born in Vyshyvanka'

. Every child having Ukrainian roots born in Ankara receives a traditional embroidered shirt to wish the newborns happy and meaningful lives no matter in which part of the world they will be living.

The participants of the Charity Workshop organized today by the Ukrainian Embassy had a chance to immerse themselves into cultural diversity of Ukrainian culture, learn how to embroid  a traditional cross-stitch pattern used for creating Vyshyvanka and enjoy delicious Ukrainian culinary traditions.

The participants also congratulted two young mothers, active members of Ukrainian Community in Ankara. The ladies have recently became mothers of wonderful baby boys and were presented with traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts.

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