İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO- Indonesia's West Java province has warned its young people against celebrating Western holiday of Valentine's Day, again.

According to Jakarta Post, the provincial administration issued a circular signed by  the head of the West Java Education Agency, Ahmad Hadadi, was sent to 27 education agencies in the province, forbids young people to celebrate the holiday whether at school or outside school. It has been ordered that students must not celebrate the February 14,Valentine’s Day, because it is against religious, social and cultural norms.

In the light of Tempo News Agency, all instructors from primary school to high school,  were ordered to monitor their students as if they do something for the holiday anddetect for ‘’signs of hearts and flowers’’.  Also, officials advised parents to do so.

Valentine’s Day caused many debates in the country. Regardless of these, nightclubs, hotels and rented accommodations will be investigated in order to avoid them from being ‘’misused’’, in the 14th of February.

Sukabumi Regional Secretary, Hanafie Zein, said the local government is worried that children and teenagers will use the holiday as an excuse to have sex and take drugs. He added "We have to prevent our children from doing negative things". 

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