Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.02.2018 On Saturday, BM Security Council convened to vote for ceasefire resolution that would temporarily help prevention of Russian-Asad alliance’s systematic carnage against civilians in Easter Ghouta (an 400,000 populated settlement in the north of Damascus). As known, Asad regime with support of Russia took Easter Ghouta under heavy bombardment irrespective of innocent civilians. At the last 5 days, the bombardments caused over 500 innocent civilians’ death comprising of children, elders, women and men. Besides, over 2500 innocent people got seriously injured. Because of the fact that Eastern Ghouta’s been kept under siege by Asad regime’s ground forces, no injured civilian could have a chance of evacuation for the medical treatment.

UN Security Council’s temporary members -Kuwait and Sweden- proposed the resolution to the council in the middle of the week. However, the uproar emerging from both Russia and USA’s dissidential attitudes against each other led the Eastern Ghouta session to postpone. Following both countries’ all initiatives of making the resolution ineffective, BMSC voted for the ceasefire resolution that will hopefully be in implementation for 1 month.

During the 30-day long ceasefire, UNSC plans to deliver humanitarian aid supplies to civilians and to evacuate the injured and patient civilians for medical treatment in Eastern Ghouta. However, French envoy to BM François Delattre made important remarks for the ceasefire that could be perceived as pessimistic. Because he has a thought suggesting all the utmost endeavor for the ceasefire may be done in vain. Similar pessimistic and desperate atmosphere can be observed in other member of UNSC, aside USA and Russia from all, since the prior experiences refer them to think so.

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