Selin ATAY-TDO-Demonstrations in Catalonia, Spain's autonomous region, entered its fifth day. A general strike was held in the region today after Spain's Supreme Court on Monday sentenced Catalonia's nine political leaders who favour separation.

Activists who arrived in Catalonia's five separate cities on foot in the region's capital, Barcelona, blocked roads. The actions followed the court's ruling on Monday, andlead clashes between demonstrators and police.

Catalan flags were unveiled at today's march in Barcelona, with slogans chanting "freedom for political prisoners."

Police estimated that more than 500,000 people had joined Friday's rallies. Protesters also blocked a motorway on the Spain-France border, causing huge tailbacks.

Catalan separatists have clashed with police today as hundreds of thousands of pro-independence supporters pour into Barcelona on a general strike.

Oriol Junqueras, the vice-president of the autonomous region of Catalonia at the time, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison, explained that Spain had jailed people for their political ideas. On the other hand, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said the politicians had been sentenced to prison for their crimes.

In one of the biggest strike Spain has ever seen in its history, 42 people have been injured so far in this week's demonstrations, while 110 people have been detained.

The Barcelona City Council announced that the damage caused by the clashes in the first three days of the actions was 1 million 575 thousand Euros.

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