Mustafa AY -TDO – 05.05.2018 As known, contoversial ex-leader of Catalonia Charles Puigdemont’s been in exile for a while. After Supreme Court of Spain upheld the charges of sedition, treason and misuse of state funds against himself, Puigdemont immediately fled to Belgium. During a long time in exile, Puigdemont made official visits to EU countries. However, at the last of them which was the official visit to Finland, Puigdemont was detained on his way back to Belgium by German authorities. Following that Puigdemont was taken into custody by Germany, Spanish court communicated with German Department of Justice and issued an extradition of Puigdemont to  Spain, but Germany has not replied to Spain’s official application yet.

On January 22 of 2018, Catalan parliament nominated Puigdemont to the presidency of the region again. However, to be able to make the nomination valid, Puigdemont had to be present in Catalonia. In case of that he was reelevated to the presidency, he had to swear presidential oath in Catalan parliament. So, the attempts at nominating Puigdemont became useless since Madrid put pressure on Catalan Parliament through constitution. On Friday, Catalan seperatist representatives arranged a voting session for this matter and issued a statutory amendment with regards to the ‘presidential swear and governance from abroad’. According to the amendment, which has been enforced by the parliament, Puigdemont can swear presidential oath and govern Catalonia abroad now. However, following the confrontational decision of Catalan parliament, Spanish central government is expected to intervene into the decision.


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