Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) started a very important military operation in Syria toward ISIS and PYD forces on Wednesday around 4 am in the morning after the artillery shootings targeted ISIS emplacements in Syria at the beginning of the week. In the operation named as Euphrates Shield and that Turkey has used its right of self-defense mentioned in the 51st article of United Nations Charter, TAF has played a vital role by supporting and leading the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in order them to succeed with less loss as much as possible and an exact victory against ISIS forces. Before and during the operation, TAF aircrafts with the coalition forces aircrafts joined the operation played important role to clean the terrorist forces in the area.After TAF mobile and armored units has created a corridor in the territory by artillery shootings, FSA units consist of Turkmen and Arab groups went into Syria. The forces that got very successfulachievements in a very short period of time arrived Jarablus and took the control in the city before the 36thhour of the operation. Hopefully, there was not any dead or injured soldiers in TAF forces but FSA had lost its 2 soldiers and had 2 injured soldiers according tolast news received. While Euphrates Shield operation was continuing successfully toward the targeted aims, the political agenda in Ankara was very intense. John Biden the second number in the US governance visited to Ankara in order to talk about the request of Turkey for the extradition of FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen as his first priority. However, the operation started when Biden was on the air had an importance that could change the order of priority. After Biden met with Turkish Parliamentary Speaker, Prime Minister and the President, he explained that US always supports Turkey that is their ally, and expressed his sadness in front of the cameras for the happenings in 15th of July. After Euphrates Shield operation began, some news was heard about the visit of the 2nd number in Iran governance who is the first assistant of the President which is another important player for the destiny of the region.While supports in the international public were voiced for Euphrates Shield operation, The USA announced that they are standing by Turkey and according to the targets of Turkey, PYD forces must fall back to the east of Euphrates River. Otherwise, USA will stop its support for PYD. We will see how much these words are sincere or how they will be implied on the Syria territory in the following couple of days. There is only one certain thing to say that only with the support and lead of TAF, the irregular armored forces can even totally defeat those unmoral terrorist groups in couple of hours that causes great distresses in the World and especially in the Middle East and Turkey. This is undoubtedly a result of unique and broad experience and knowledge of TAF. The discomfort and statements that YPG announced after Euphrates Shield operation created an opportunity for the World public to understand how they and their agendas are not sincere and how their aims can be shameful. As Mr. ForeignAffairs Minister stated, Turkey is not aiming to fight with mosquitos, instead Turkey has intended to drain the swamp. This very a suitable metaphor mirrored the situation in Syria perfectly. Those mosquitos and insects that are spread because of the people who created the swamp in Syria are not the respondent of Turkey. Turkey should drain the swamp for the millions of refugees, children, women, elderly who suffering starving that are resulted because of the people who led this swamp. It is good to remember that mosquitos can bite you without your notice, you may need to scratch, maybe it can hurt little bit but it cannot kill you. All those mosquitos will disappear forever.There are two important points to consider in Euphrates Shield operation. The first is that although FSA could achievesuccessful result on the ground with the support of TAF, they fought for their own lands and they will continue to defend these lands. This situation that is the fight for their homelands shows the legitimacy of what they are doing and it makes them in rightful situation. These people are not paid soldiers who fight for money or unmoral offers that Imperial Powers put their pockets. The history always gives the rights of people who fight for their right in a legitimate way. Standing of FSA as right and legitimate unlike some other forces in the region obviously will be beneficial for its future. The second point is that the move of Turkey broke he game in the region and caused to reshuffle the cards. Now, the cards are reshuffling and the players are taking their places on the table and waiting for the cards. The movements of regional players like Iran and Russia and global players like USA will be determinant for the destiny of Syria and Middle East. At this point, we can say that Turkey that made a military move with Euphrates Shield operation gained and will gain more important outcomes in political arena. However, Turkey must play its cards well during and after Euphrates Shield operation and it should move toward its aims in international relations without any concession.
Mithat Kemal Ýman

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