İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-After Trump’s suspended Muslim Ban, Canadians hesitate to pass American border.

It’s just a ten minute drive to go to Detroit from Windsor/Ontario. People used to cross border to work, shop, visit a gallery, go to a show or play game. Even there were taxis working on this line and a Windsor bus route for it.

Nevertheless, President Trump’s policies about who will be allowed to cross the border have Canadians so worried that even school officials decided to suspend all student field trips  and abroad courses in the American side.

Spokesman for the Greater Essex County District School Board, which represents 35,000 students, Scott Scantlebury, said “We don’t want to have some student turned back at the border or even held up for a period of time”.

On the other hand, a branch chief of Customs and Border Protection  Agency, Jaime Luis referred in a mailas ‘’the agency firmly denies any claims that a traveler may be subject to an admissibility interview because of racial or religious profiling’’. He added that officials adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.

Canada can be defined as a state of immigrants. There is no one ethnically ‘’Canadian’’ and it is not a nation state. There are many Muslim immigrants and people who have a history of Islam in their family tree, can be forced to stay or detained on border pass.

US-Canada border which is just a line without any strong protection, has always been showed as an example of ‘’borderless-ness’’, regional integration and Globalization in many international relations books.  It seems those times were squeezed in the pages of history. 

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