Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Canadian ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Gilmore said that the Aman-2021 naval exercise in Pakistan is of great importance because it provides countries with the opportunity to interact and unite against common threats.

In addition to ships belonging to the Russian Navy and ships of NATO countries, ships from the navies of China, Japan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka participated in the exercises in the Sea of Oman, where the active phase of AMAN-2021 took place.

Canadian ambassador to Islamabad Wendy Gilmore, who gave an interview to Sputnik on the issue, said: "I think the more opportunities there are, the better. Exercises like this are important, especially when we have a common goal. Canada, Pakistan, Russia and other countries believe that anti-piracy, joint combat operations, search and rescue efforts in the Persian Gulf will be successful. Cooperation on all these issues is very important, and it is in all our interests to learn how to work together."

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