Mustafa AY – TDO –05.08.2017 Venezuelan President Maduro has been striving for consolidating his authority on account of both US’s interventions into the demonstrations by escalating the domestic tension further, and protests terminating prosperity and well-being of the country. Following Maduro’s step to adjourn National Congress, Washington and several EU countries do not recognize the current office that Maduro has maintained to assert. These foreign actors literally see his rule as “illegitimate”. Maduro, on behalf of eliminating all alien pressures on his authority, administered nationwide referendum prescribing the amendment to constitution. Before this process, he convened constituent assembly and addressed the necessity of taking a robust action for this goal. Right after the referendum that completed on last Sunday, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council announced the figure of voters attending referendum as 8 million which is equivalent to 41% of the eligible population for voting. This figure is very low for the amendment because of remaining under 50% over total. These figures lead foreign govt. and foreign press under systematic guidance of those governments, as Maduro considers so, to think of the referendum invalid and illegitimate. Especially, Maduro stressed Reuters’s role in bastardizing reality of the referendum’s context. According to the news released by Reuters, the real figure of attender in referendum was something among 1 to 3 million, which means that President Maduro allegedly disguised his dictatorial rule by misleading society.

That Governmental armed bodies use of excessive force over protesters with Molotov’s caused the increase in Venezuelan casualties from govt. forces and mostly civilian. As of today, the deaths reached 140. After all civilian casualties stemming from unstoppable conflict occurred, Vatican call Maduro for stopping using excessive force over demonstrator and suspending new legislative superbody/constituent assembly. Vatican’s call emphasizes the importance of civilian lives that lost in domestic conflict. In addition to this, specifically, Vatican expresses that this terrifying conflict in Venezuela has a colossal impact on society. So, Vatican is most likely right at this judgment on the happenings. On the grounds that 41% attenders in the referendum indicates undeniable existence of bipolarization in the society that has high potential to push Venezuela to civil war. But it may not happen as well. Therefore, Vatican called all parties regardless of choosing side to order.

It is very low possibility that Maduro would adhere to the calls of Vatican. Because Washington’s defamatory campaign against Maduro administration creates ‘reverse-effect’ from opposite side/President Maduro. The reason behind ‘reverse-effect’ is the loyalty to imprescriptible principles of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party and its founding-father, Hugo Chavez. In accordance with the party principles, American ideology and doctrines should be refrained. As principles is entrenched into the party members’ mind, President Maduro totally opposes to America and its allies. Therefore, he is expected to reject the call by Vatican, owing to the fact that Maduro’s obedience to call would be for the benefit of USA.

Besides all, since 2013 when Chavez passed away or was allegedly assassinated, Venezuela’s almost total income came from oil and oil-derived commodities export. But, as of 2014, OPEC’s decision to decrease prices per barrel from 115$ to 35$ put Venezuela in a formidable situation to be overcome. This price decrease followed the budget deficits and hyperinflation in the Venezuelan economy. According to President Maduro, all unfortunate and horrible progresses can be attributable to conscious act of terrorization and public-incitement that work putting Venezuelan opponents to regime in motion. Thus, Vatican’s call seemingly sound Maduro meaningless or waste of time.  

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