Investigators of United Nations claimed that the Syrian government used chemical weapons at least twice during the Syrian Civil War. At the same time, investigators of UN said that they had proofs on use of mustard gas by ISIS at least once since the commence of the armed conflicts. However, Russia pointed that it was needed more proofs to be presented from an independent commission before enacting sanctions against Syria.Ambassador to United Nations of Russian Government Vitaly Churkin said that it was too early to consider the sanction which was enacted by the Security Council in 2013 that allows a military enforcement in Syria in case of use of chemical weapons. However,Churkin indicated that it was obvious the use of chemical weapons by ISIS. Russia, since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 has been a close ally of the Syrian government and the President Bashar Esad. On the other hand the ambassador to UN of Syrian government Bashar Jafaari claimed that there port was biased.Although Russia had blocked any possible sanctions against Syria, they draw attention to the importance of establishment of a Joint Investigative Mechanism. They pointed that in that manner, it was possible to acquire a more objective report. Ýrem Göl

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